What People Are Saying

Eric and Ann are the greatest team in the UP Habitat. Not meeting them, is missing out.

Miguel C.

( Creighton University )

An absolutely amazing experience! I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to serve this outstanding affiliate!

Missy R.

( GBS - Group 3 )

There is no experience more rewarding than aiding a community filled with kind, humble, & welcoming citizens - both for the community & the character of the given volunteer.

Yoana S.

( GBS -Group 3 )

Thank you for providing such an amazing environment for us to spread our care for others.

Lily S.

( GBS - Group 3 )

The best part of my experience wads working/meeting Kevin, Eric, & Ann. They were the nicest people I've ever worked with.

Kelley K.

( GBS - Group 3 )

One of the best experiences you could ask for.

Julia J.

( GBS - Group 2 )

Kevin & Eric were awesome! Thank you for sharing with us!

A Leader

( GBS HS Volunteer Group )

I really enjoyed working with the Habitat staff as well as everyone on the trip to get the job done.

A Volunteer

( GBS HS, Summer 2014 )

I learned a lot of new things & it felt great knowing I would impact so many lives.

A Student

( Glenbrook South High School )

It was satisfying & fulfilling to do something for someone else & the community, building relationships.

A Member

( Leland Community Methodist Church )